I currently work at Evotec as a Group Leader. I work primarily on applications of NLP to the drug discovery process.

My post-ac career also includes a year and a half at Digital Science as a Senior Data Scientist and a six month period at WIPO as a data analyst.

The highlights of my skill set include NLP and Network/Graph Analysis. I have significant experience balancing creativity and pragmatism in high-risk, ambiguous, projects. On most projects I have been involved with, my responsibilities have been end-to-end, from idea to delivery.

My earlier career in academia finished with a 6 year run at EPFL, working in the Chair of Innovation and IP Policy, first as a post doctoral fellow and then as an independent Ambizione Fellow.

My career has taken me through many disciplines and fields (Physics, Complex Systems, Bioinformatics, Economics, Healthcare, and now Pharmaceuticals) and across many locations (Manitoba, Boston University, University of Calgary, IMT Lucca, EPFL, WIPO, and now remote from Italy).

My work in academia was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (through an Ambizione Grant), the Swiss Network for International Studies, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (of Canada), and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (of Canada).